Wanderlust Travel Art

Wittabego is all about travel related illustrations, travels/places and collectibles. I usually go to places and countries with my illustration of it. The site is consists of  prints, stickers, artworks, coloring pages, blogs, T-shirts (limited edition) and other coming up collectibles.

WITTABEGO in Design Festa 2018

It was a great experience and such a success being part of one of Tokyo's biggest and most extravagant international art festival. I had a booth for two days (August 4 and 5 in Tokyo Big Sight) showcasing my travel art and sold some travel art collectibles. It was awesome to see people of different race and culture appreciating and enjoying my art and creations. Thank you very much to all who came, I've met and supported all through out the event from beginning to end. Much love to all. Looking forward to another festival or art event near you.


ILLUSTRATIONS (Original and Prints)

All about World Map Artwork and other random art style/theme! I sell the original ones and prints. :)


We are all guilty of one thing when we travel to other countries. And that is, buying magnets for souvenir. Many people are asking and requesting for me to make and sell them. So here they are! With the 16 illustrations of countries I made, the ref.magnets are now available in my shop.

I wish you will all enjoy and purchase it. I'm glad to be part of your homes and journey. Thank you! Safe travels everyone



Sticker version of the countries Illustrations. ALL 16 Countries!

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