First Post 2018

Wittabego Illustrations


Traveling and making some artwork in between lead me to a lot of experiences and learnings about life, places, people, love and kindness.
Traveling was never even part of my dreams nor goals before, but I love going to new places, meeting a lot of people, experience different adventures and living life like there's no tomorrow. Making artwork is just a hobby for me. Eventually, ideas and new discoveries lead me to this point where I'm actually selling and doing art for others. I was totally lost for many years on how and what I'll make of this talent which I don't want to put it on waste. But I kept on trying and continued on making these stuff on what my mind and the universe threw at me. I was going with the flow and worked hard on whatever I was given to me when suddenly I saw a bigger picture and promising future about it. From then on, I just keep on going and making my illustrations. Funny thing is that I didn't plan most of my trip or vacation. It just happened like it was meant to be. But this 2018, I've got plans and more goals that would positively go on.
Here are some of the images of my artwork, travel art and travels. Enjoy!
Japan Illustration at Chureito Pagoda in Yamanashi Prefecture


Hongkong Illustration at Victoria Peak overlooking the skyscrapers


Philippines Illustration at Imacoto Beach in Bicol Region, PH


Singapore Illustration in Marina Bay Sands

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