A day in Ibaraki Prefecture

Wittabego Illustrations

On commemorating the March 11,2011 Tsunami/Earthquake in Japan, Aya and I went to see some Plum Trees, hot spring (onsen) and a nearby beach in Ibaraki. That is the closest place I can get near Fukushima which is still hours north the prefecture. Plum trees are usually mistaken as cherry blossoms coz they come out and bloom few weeks before the known season or time for the cherry blossoms in Japan. This is what they look like.

These trees and flowers die down very quick. That is when the cherry blossoms come in. Plums tress' flowers are smaller, branches/trees are shorter and they don't blooms as much as cherry blossoms. And yet, they are still beautiful.


Afterwards, we went to a nearby onsen which is located infront of the best overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Anyone who will go to onsen will definitely get hungry afterwards. Luckily, they have some authentic and delicious Japanese food which is a usual thing they have in any onsen except those in the mountains or outdoor ones. We had some red wine and sake of course. And then, enjoyed fish and vegetables nabe(hot pot) and Japanese tendon with some side dish that Japanese culture usually have in their meals.

It was just a simple getaway which you can always do and enjoy in Japan. 

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