GUNMA Hot Spring and Safari

Wittabego Illustrations

Aside from enjoying the cold season and winter sports, going to hot springs/onsen is the best thing to do during winter. It is everywhere in Japan. They have indoor and outdoor ones as well. Men and women have separate areas for that. It is soothing, relaxing, healthy and good for your skin. So we did a weekend getaway for two days in Gunma which is about 3-5 hours drive. My friends and I went there to explore the prefecture, the hot springs, food and safari.

For years, I have been wanting to go to that safari and now, we had the chance to see it. I never like the zoo coz I feel bad for the animals which is treated like prisoners but I think safaris are better for them, atleast, to have freedom and live naturally.

First day, We enjoyed different onsen inside the hotel and around it. The view and the area is also amazing. Given that the weather was good as well, we walked around and checked out other areas in Ikaho. It's better to go there by car, stay overnight, wake up early in the morning and enjoy it with friends/family/partner.

After onsen, one thing you want to do is eat and drink. We were fortunate to find this ramen restaurant where the staff was so welcoming and gave us good spices and extra Gyoza. Yum!


Second day, We checked out the hotel and went straight to Gunma Safari which was more than an hour drive. Although they have buses to ride inside the safari, having a car is more convenient and you can take your time with the animals. Also, It is better to book the ticket online. I recommend to go there during winter and autumn. 

Opening your doors and windows are not allowed. We can only touch them and even feed them in a special area and those who are harmless. It took us almost two hours to drive around, stopped for a bit and slowly enjoying the safari and animals. Ikaho,Gunma in Japan!

Thank you for taking time to read. I wish I gave some good information and good story as well. Go out and explore the world. Safe travels!

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