One Day Road Trip: Tokyo to Hakone

Wittabego Illustrations

One day road trip from Tokyo to Hakone while visiting 5 places in between.

We started the trip at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. I think we all slept for two hours only just to accomplish this trip. Basically, my friends are all travelers and photographers so they all decided to go to some tourist spots and picturesque places. We rented a car and they all have their cameras and other gadgets needed. On the other hand, I only have my illustrations and phone. Anyway, we all aimed to get to these 5 places.

First stop, We went to Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi to witness the sunrise with the view of Mt. Fuji. It was simply majestic and amazing with cold weather and was hoping for some hot coffee or tea.

SUNRISE! I prefer and enjoy sunrise than sunset. I am a very morning person. I like watching something to blossom, the sunshine and looking forward for a new day. So I definitely enjoyed sunrise that day. (Just freezing cold)

Second stop, we went to Chureito Pagoda in Yamanashi. This is the place where you see in postcards, wallpapers, travel guide, magazines and other stuff. You have to climb up at the long stairs to get there. At 8am, It was all worth it. You'll get to see the pagoda and Mt. Fuji in one. It was autumn when we went there so the colors of the trees and the good weather made it more beautiful. I advise to go there during spring and autumn coz the colors make it more picturesque as well.

Third stop, we stopped by at Yamanakako. I really like this place coz there are a lot of activities, restaurants, shops and other events going on around the lake but not too crowded or crazy. You can relax and refresh your mind. I even saw a restaurant with about five hammocks hanging on some trees outside of it. And of course, with the view of Mt. Fuji since there are 5 lakes around it.

Third stop, we were in Hakone by this time. We went to Pampass Grass Field. I was already tired and feeling cold so I stayed in the car to sleep and eat while they were all taking some pictures and enjoying the field. So credits to my friends for the photos.

Fourth stop, this one is in Owakudani. It is a volcano in Hakone with steam vents and bubbling pools. You can purchase some black shell eggs in this area. The shells are blackened because of the sulfur. 

Fifth stop, we went to Hakone to check out the Hakone shrine and other torii around it. And we also walked around the area and park near Lake Ashinoko. 

We all went back to Tokyo and arrived late night. That was a very productive and tiring day I'll definitely do it again. Always make memories with people. That's all! Thank you.

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