Famous Towers and Villages in South Korea

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          ANNYEONGHASEYO! You know the quote, "If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime". Well, with my childhood friends, we've been friends for more than two decades now. We live in different countries and have separate lives but we're family already. So a few of us had the chance to travel together. I wanted to go to a tropical country, see the nature and go to the beaches but ended up going to South Korea. Hah! 3 versus 1 is no good but doing this traveling and adventure with them is what all that matters to me, to us.



   We started our first day in Seoul by eating first at the famous Hollys Coffee and then Monster Pizza for lunch (Never forget! Pizza is Life)! We headed first to Bukchon Hanok Village which is the Korean Traditional Village at the heart of the city. It is a 600-year old urban environment which is consists of 5 neighborhoods. It was a holiday and a Saturday so there was a lot of people around and wearing traditional Korean dress which you can rent at the area. The old and new Korea is something to enjoy. There are many interesting souvenir shops and cafes around in which most are built with balconies. I really like the style and the vibe. 



     Afterwards, we went to N Seoul Tower. It is also known as Namsan Tower which is 777feet tall. Funny thing is that my friends and I unintentionally hiked up towards the tower/top. We were just strolling around and taking pictures at Dongguk University. I was already okay to just take a picture of my art and the tower from afar but my friends kept on checking out stuff and going up slowly. The next thing we realized is the we were halfway there walking up the stairs, roads and trails. It was getting dark, we were tired and dehydrated but we all managed to finish it. It was such a funny test of friendship. I'm proud of us. Luckily, from the tower with some commercial establishments around, they have lots of buses going up and down. We ended the night eating some delicious and authentic Korean BBQ near the hotel.



      It was Sunday but rainy so we changed and adjusted our plan. We headed to Lotte World Tower and the mall there. Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in Seoul and the 5th tallest in the world with 123 floors and 1,819 feet tall. 



      We ended our day in Myeongdong Street Market where all the shopping either cheap and expensive stuff are happening. They have some awesome street food as well. They have many beauty products which is the best spot for ladies out there. They always go on sale.


     Traveling and making memories together are some of the best things in life. I do enjoy doing things and going somewhere alone but I always prefer and enjoy life with people. Annyeonghaseyo! <3

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